Best Jack Stands

A jack stand is a common and most needful equipment to the mechanic or the driver who has a car or who works in a garage.

You may have the experience to use jack stands if you have a car. If you don’t use a jack stands or don’t know about jack stands, let me discuss it to make it easy for you to know about jack stands. The following content also helps you to choose a perfect jack stands.

First I discuss what is jack stands before explaining how to choose the best jack stands.

So, what is Jack stands? A tripod shaped tools designed to help raise a vehicle’s weight that’s called Jack stands. It generally placed under the vehicle’s axle to give support for raising the vehicle. If your car is jacked up, set up the jack stands under your car.

Before placed it under your car, choose a place which is level and hard because of your safety. You should also consider about it weight capacity, otherwise, you may be fall in danger.

There is various jack stands on the marketplace and they are classed by their weight retention as well as their height.

The height of jack stand is considered an inch and the weight retention is measured in the ton. Jack stands usually come in 14 to 25 inch and 2 to 25 weight capacity.

Jack stand is very needful and important element especially when you need to work beneath your vehicle. It gives you well support to lift your vehicle from the ground as it has mechanical structure. It also makes sure that your car will never fall after raising your vehicles from the ground.

Jack stands safely you from the potential injured especially the time of working under the vehicle. You will feel easy and comfortable to work under the vehicle, and easily repair your car if you need. So, you must need jack stands for repairing your vehicle’s, if you are a mechanic or have a car that ensures your safety.

How to choose a perfect jack stands?

From the above description, you have known about the jack stands. Now, one question may appear on your mind that how can I choose a perfect jack stands. There are different types of jack stands on the market but it is not easy to find the best jack stands.

For this reason, you need to consider some important features before selecting or buying a perfect jack stands. I discuss it in below what things you should consider before choosing a jack stands.

Heights: Height is an important feature of the best jack stands. A perfect jack stands designed with adjustable height that suitable both tall and short car. If the car you use have a little bit space to ground and its weight is light, you should use a shorter jack stands and a jack stands that’s weight capacity is low.

On the other hand, if the car has more space to ground, use taller jack stands.

Weight capacity: Weight capacity is another important feature of the perfect jack stands. The weight capacity of the jack stands to depend on the vehicle weight and height. Actually, there are many kinds of jack stands are available in the market the come in 2 to 25 weight capacity. So, select a jack stand that is appropriate for your vehicle and can easily handle the weights of your vehicle.

Material: The metal of the jack stands are ensured its comfortable and its durability. It also related to its weight. Generally, jack stands are made of from steel or aluminum. Some of the jack stands are also made of from iron. The lightweight jack stands are made of from aluminum or steel. Choose a jack stands that is handy for you.

Comfortableness: Comfortableness is another useful feature of a jack stand. Select a jack stand that is lightweight. You can easily carry the jack stands which weight is light. If you have a car and travel a lot, carry the jack stand that is light. A jack stand that made of from aluminum or steel is lightweight. You never feel boring to work under your car if the jack stand’s weight is light.

Durability: The durability of the jack stand is depending on the material which it’s used for making it. You don’t want to buy a jack stands that is not stable. So, select a jack stands that is used high-quality elements for making it. A durable jack stands always made of from high-quality steel, aluminum or iron.

Adjust-ability: The best jack stands designed with tripod shaped and ensures its adjustment with the height. The adjustment also ensures its comfortableness. So, choose a jack stands and invest your money which ensures its adjust-ability.

Top features for the best jack stands

Every product has its own feature that differs it from one product to another. To see the feature of a product, we say it good or bad. If you are mechanic or have a car, jack stands are the most important part that plays a role to repair your vehicle. Before buying jack stands to notice its feature that ensures its quality. Here, I refer to some features of Jack stands that help you to select the best one. So, keep on eye the following content.

Material: The most important and top feature of the jack stand is its material which is used for making it. Its constructed material tells about its quality and how much it last. So before choosing a jack stand, notice its material what it used for making of. Generally, jack stands are used metal to make. Steel, aluminum, and iron are the element which used to make jack stands.

Saddle: This is the element that helps you to make easy to position the jack stand. The saddle is used for making the jacking point where you sit it. Furthermore, a saddle that has an additional cushion like rubber pad, will assist to save the jacking point from damage. You should buy a jack stand that has an extra pad if you want to lift your vehicle regularly.

Height: Height is another important feature that ensures your comfort and makes it easy during the time you work under the car. Before buying jack stands to notice its height. Choose a jack stand that fit both underneath and tall to hold it over. If you have a car that has less space, you need to choose a shorter jack stands. On the other hand, if you have a car that is tall, buy a taller jack stands that match with a height of your vehicle.

Locking mechanism: After the material of the jack stands, most of the people pay a great value about its locking system. Jack stands designed with different locking system such as screw lock. But ratchet lock and pin lock system are more common. Both of two lock system is safe. It’s your personal choice which you select. The ratchet lock system is perfect for which is small in height. This lock system is also easy to set up. Pin lock system also effective to hold the saddle at the right height.

Feet or base: A jack stand is very helpful which has nice wide bases that remain the stand stable. It also helps you to distribute the weight of the vehicle. As a result, you feel comfortable to work under the vehicle. A wide base stand also plays a role to save you from any kind of damage during the time of work.

Price: It is also a silly point before choosing a jack stand. It is not more important than other feature which I described above. Moreover, jack stands always come up with reasonable price. So, don’t take it with less important.

Why should I need a perfect jack stand?

For a mechanic of the vehicle, Jack stand is a common and fundamental element that helps him to repair vehicles. A jack stand is a tripod shaped device that helps to lift a vehicle. It needs if there is anything wrong in a vehicle especially at the time of working under a vehicle. To make your work safety you need a perfect jack stands that ensure your security.  Without a perfect jack stands, you may be fall in danger. You may be injured. For this reason, you need to buy a perfect jack stands that make your work safe. The following content explains why should you need a perfect jack stands. So, take a cup of Coffee and keep reading.

Make your work easy and safety: Safety is the major thing at the time of working. You never want to happen anything wrong and don’t want to get pain or injured. So, choose a perfect jack stand that ensures safety. A perfect jack stand always is lightweight, easy to control and give you comfort while you work under the car. Adjustable is another important feature that ensures a perfect jack stand and makes your work easy and smooth.

Safe you from potential accident: You have a car and may you have a habit to go out for making a journey. To go on a journey or go out for your everyday basis, you check your car if there may be happen anything worse. You never want to face any trouble or accident during the time of driving.

So, which element you need first especially the problem may be happening under the vehicle. Of course, a jack stands. With the help of jack stands, you can easily raise your car from the ground. A perfect jack stand gives support to raise a vehicle which weight is 2 ton or more. And you can easily work under the car and repair your car. In this way, jack stands help to save you from potential accident. 

Give comfort at the time of working: Imagine, you are a mechanic or a driver or an owner of a car, there something wrong under the car and you need to work. So, set up your jack stands and lying on the ground to work under the car. But if you don’t feel easy and comfortable, you can’t enjoy your work. A perfect jack stands ensure your comfort as it is wider and give you more space to work. Besides, a perfect jack stand made of with adjustable designed. As a result, you can easily control the jack stand. Lightweight is another quality that makes your work easy and give you comfort.

Other advantage of using a perfect jack stands

  1. A perfect jack stands weight is light. So, you can easily use it at the time of working and also easily carry it.
  2. A perfect jack stand is durable it last for a long time that saves your money.
  3. Comfort at the time of working that ensures a perfect jack stands.
  4. A perfect jack stands also support to lift a heavy weight car and also it ensures your safety during the time of working.

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