DEWALT Air Compressor Review

When it comes to air compressors, DEWALT is a name that is trusted by professionals all over the world. The DEWALT D55146 Heavy-Duty Air Compressor is no exception. This machine is built for heavy-duty use and can handle even the most strenuous jobs.

This model has been in the market since 2004 and has been updated since then to meet the ever-changing needs of contractors. Below are the models over the years;

  • D55140: 2004
  • D55141: 2006
  • D55142: 2007
  • D55143: 2009

The current model available in the market is the D55146 model which was released in 2019.

If you’re in the market for a new air compressor, then you should definitely consider buying the DEWALT D55146. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the features that make this compressor so special. We’ll also discuss some of the pros and cons of owning one of these machines. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not this compressor is right for you.

I have used this compressor for a few months now, and I have to say that I am very impressed with it. It is very well built and seems like it will last a long time. The compressor has two tanks, each of which hold 4 gallons of air. The machine also has an oil-free pump, which makes maintenance a breeze.

One of the things that I like most about this compressor is that it is very quiet. Most compressors make a lot of noise, but this one runs very quietly. This is definitely a plus if you’re going to be using it in your home garage or workshop.

Another great feature of this compressor is the fact that it has an automatic shut-off feature. This is very handy if you’re using the machine for long periods of time. When the compressor reaches a certain PSI, it will shut off automatically. This prevents the machine from overworking and damaging itself.

The only downside to this compressor is that it is a bit on the expensive side. However, considering all of the features that it offers, I think it is definitely worth the price. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable air compressor, then I would highly recommend the DEWALT D55146.


225 PSI max tank storage pressure:

PSI Max is the pressure that an air compressor can hold in its tank. The DEWALT D55146 has a max PSI of 225. This is one of the highest PSIs that you’ll find on any air compressor on the market today. With this much pressure, you’ll be able to power through even the most strenuous jobs.

Tool Length – 33.5 inches:

This machine is 33.5 inches long. This makes it the perfect size for most people. It’s not too big and bulky, but it’s also not too small. You’ll be able to easily transport this compressor from one job site to another without any problems.

Oil-free pump:

This compressor has an oil-free pump. This is a great feature because it means that you won’t have to worry about changing the oil very often. It also means that this compressor is much easier to maintain than other models on the market.

Two universal couplers:

This compressor comes with two universal couplers. This means that you’ll be able to use it with most tools that you already have. You won’t need to go out and buy new couplers just to use this compressor.

5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI:

This compressor has a flow rate of 5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. This is a very high flow rate and it means that this compressor will be able to power through even the most strenuous jobs.

Vertical stand feature and collapsible handle:

This compressor has a vertical stand feature and a collapsible handle. This makes it very easy to store and transport. You won’t have to worry about taking up too much space when you’re not using it.

78 dBA operational noise level for a quieter work environment:

Unlike some models that can be quite loud, this compressor has an operational noise level of only 78 dBA. This makes it much easier to use in a variety of different environments.


This compressor has a horsepower of 1.6. This is a very powerful motor and it will be able to handle even the most strenuous jobs. This machine is built to last and it will be able to handle anything that you throw at it.


-Very powerful motor

-Can handle even the most strenuous jobs

-Has a high flow rate

-Is very easy to store and transport

-Very quiet operation


-Some people may find the machine to be too powerful

-It’s a bit on the expensive side

-The tank is a bit small


Cordless Dewalt Compressor?

No, the DEWALT D55146 is not a cordless compressor. It does, however, come with a very long power cord so that you can easily reach any job site.

Is the DEWALT D55146 durable?

Yes, the DEWALT D55146 is a very durable compressor. It is made with high-quality materials and it is built to last. You won’t have to worry about this machine breaking down on you anytime soon.

DEWALT Air Compressor parts:

The DEWALT D55146 air compressor comes with a few different parts. These parts include the compressor, an air tank, a pressure gauge, and a few other accessories. You’ll need to have these parts in order to use your compressor.

1. Compressor: The compressor is the main part of the machine. It’s responsible for compressing the air and storing it in the tank.

2. Air tank: The air tank is where the compressed air is stored. It’s usually made of metal or plastic and it’s designed to hold a certain amount of pressure.

3. Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge is used to measure the amount of pressure in the tank.

4. Other accessories: There are a few other accessories that you might need in order to use your compressor. These include an air hose, a blowgun, and various attachments.

5. Air hose: The air hose is used to connect the compressor to the tools that you’re using. It’s usually made of rubber or plastic and it can be either rigid or flexible.

6. Blowgun: The blowgun is used to blow air into tight spaces. It’s usually made of metal or plastic and it has a nozzle on the end.

7. Attachments: There are various attachments that you can use with your compressor. These include things like air chucks, air hoses, and blowguns.

8. Air chuck: The air chuck is used to hold the air hose in place.

9. Pressure regulator: The pressure regulator is used to control the amount of pressure in the tank.

10. On/off switch: The on/off switch is used to turn the compressor on and off.

11. Safety valve: The safety valve is used to release pressure from the tank if it gets too high.

12. Drain valve: The drain valve is used to drain the air from the tank when you’re finished using it.

13. Electrical cord: The electrical cord is used to connect the compressor to a power source.

14. Wheel kit: The wheel kit is used to move the compressor around. It usually comes with two wheels and a handle.

15. Owner’s manual: The owner’s manual is a good place to start if you’re having trouble using your compressor. It can help you troubleshoot problems and find out more about the different parts of the machine.


The DEWALT D55146 is a great air compressor for anyone who needs a powerful and reliable machine. It has a very powerful motor and can handle even the most strenuous jobs.

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